NAMM Show Management exercises reasonable care to safeguard exhibitors’ property by providing perimeter guard service on a 24-hour basis during move-in, show days and move-out.  While these security measures are in place,  neither show management, the facility, security contractor, drayage contractor, nor any of their officers, agents or employees are liable for the loss, theft or pilferage of property.  The Anaheim Convention Center does utilize a variety of security measures in and about the facility in order to create a safe and secure environment. One part of those measures is the use of CCTV cameras both inside and around the perimeter of the building. These cameras are controlled by the Security Department and used to monitor for safety, security, building status and crowd management. These cameras are not intended to provide surveillance of a private entities property while in the building. Participants in the NAMM Show are instructed to be vigilant and make security arrangements for their property. Tips & Recommendations are listed below.

Exhibitors are solely responsible for all of their property at the show.


  • Monitor your booth at all times, including when your product is being delivered
  • Ship merchandise in locked trunks or crates.  Use a qualified carrier/ forwarder to ensure safe transport
  • Inventory your product upon delivery and note any damages or missing items immediately
  • Do not list the contents on the outside of your shipping crates/boxes 
  • Cover your display at the close of show every night with cloth, tarp or sheets whenever possible 
  • Order CCTV booth monitoring package.  Recording camera(s) installed in your booth space to monitor your product.
  • Hire security for your booth overnight.  Show security can be reached at Allied Universal (714)230-7210 x2220
  • Valuable items that can be easily removed (laptops, CD players, cameras, small samples, tools, etc.) should not be left out and should be removed when the booth is not staffed
  • Always staff your booth during show hours.  It’s recommended that you stay in your booth at least 30 minutes after the show closes while security clears the show floor. This is high-risk time for stolen product; please use your best judgment in securing valuables at your booth
  • Do not leave the booth unattended or unpacked product visible during move-in or move-out.  Never store excess merchandise in the empties (crates/cartons) that are stored by the drayage contractor in/outside of the facility
  • Remain with your merchandise during move-out until your empties have arrived, goods packed, scaled, labeled and MHA (Bill of Lading) prepared and removed
  • Furnish an accurate and complete MHA (Bill of Lading) to Freeman and the shipping company.  Freeman responsibility begins when items are picked up at the Exhibitor’s booth and terminates upon delivery to the forwarding carrier


  • Material Release Passes are required for attendees to carry items off the show floor during show hours
  • This includes removing an instrument or other product off the show floor by a person other than the exhibiting company staff
  • Passes may be obtained at any Info Spot on the show floor, located in each hall, as well as the NAMM Show Office
  • Exhibiting companies may remove product from the show floor during show hours provided the product matches the brand name on the badge and a corresponding photo ID is provided
  • Over-the-counter cash/credit card transactions are prohibited
  • Products/instruments are restricted from being brought into the show during show hours.  Only exhibitor personnel are approved to carry in and remove product from the show.  If there is an exception where an artist or other attendee type needs to carry product/instruments into the show during show hours, they must enter through Lobby A and check in with security


  • Celebrity appearances and other promotions must be staged at the center area of your booth space to avoid impeding business from neighboring Exhibitors and creating hazards in the event of overcrowding the aisles
  • Please email with the details of your proposed performance or booth appearance including; proposed event type, celebrity/performer name, date/time, estimated attendance
  • NAMM will escort VIP/Celebrity to the booth space
  • Once at the booth, the Exhibitor is responsible for hiring crowd control security.  Show security can be reached at Allied Universal (714)230-7210 x2220