Sound Policy

NAMM is a trade show for buyers and sellers of music products to conduct business in leased booth space.  Part of that business is trying out the music products; however, there are parameters by which this can be done within the booth space and continue to provide a safe and business-friendly environment on the show floor.

The following policy must be adhered to and will be enforced by NAMM at all times throughout the show:

  • Sound level may not exceed 85 decibels as determined by NAMM Floor Management Team
  • Demonstrations may not exceed 3 minutes, impede aisle space or cause disruption to neighboring booths. Exhibitor is responsible for receiving the proper approval from NAMM management and securing crowd control staff.


  1. An exhibitor or attendee in violation of this policy will receive a verbal warning by the NAMM Floor Management Team
  2. If the exhibitor continues to violate this policy, a written warning will be delivered by the NAMM Floor Management Team
  3. If an attendee continues to violate this policy, their badge will be removed for the remainder of the show
  4. If the exhibitor continues to violate this policy despite the two official warnings, the booth will be closed for the remainder of the day
    • Electrical power will be removed if applicable
    • Drape will be placed at the front of the booth along with a sign stating “Closed due to sound level violation”
  5. If a violation continues the following day, the booth will be permanently closed and/or removed from the show floor for the remainder of the show. (Booth fees are non-refundable)

Please be advised that exhibitors receiving three sound violations will jeopardize their booth location at future NAMM trade shows.  Complaints of sound regulation violations may be made directly to the NAMM Floor Management Team or reported to the Show Office.  Please contact your NAMM business partner for more tips and options to help control your sound at the show.

Steps NAMM takes to help support a positive musical experience in a business environment for everyone:

  • Categorize the show floor by product types to place products of similar volume together
  • Arrange booths and aisles in a way that provides “buffer” zones to help alleviate sound issues among exhibiting neighbors
  • Provide ear plugs for attendees and exhibitors to utilize during the show
  • Enforce the maximum decibel level at 85 so all booths demo instruments at a “background” level and not at full volume
  • Provide demo rooms at no cost – schedule ahead of time with NAMM Show Management; email for more detail
  • Provide options for sound-absorbing booth materials – affordable rentals available through Freeman Online.

Steps Exhibitors can take to help support a positive musical experience in a business environment for everyone:

  • Utilize sound rooms, shields, and sound-absorption material in booth construction
  • Utilize headphones during demos
  • Utilize the NAMM demo rooms, available at no cost
  • Do not place demonstration area or demonstration stage on the aisle; manage crowd appropriately
  • Do not point speakers into the aisle or other booths; direct them into the booth space
  • If the demo product is percussion, please remove the drum throne seat in between demos so attendees do not sit and play in a manner not conducive to background-level sound
  • If the product is percussion, use drum brushes versus sticks to help control the level of sound
  • Place signs in booth near demo instruments stating the sound level and length of time – ensure attendees adhere to these guidelines
  • Notify attendees immediately if they are testing equipment too long or too loud and that the NAMM Floor Management Team may remove their badge for the remainder of the show


  • A “performance” is a public entertainment presentation and is prohibited in booth space.  Performances are available on the NAMM stages at various locations throughout the NAMM campus. Visit to stay up to date each year on the band submission deadline, in order to be considered for one of NAMM’s stages.  No submissions will be accepted after the published deadline.
  • A “demonstration” is showing the merits of a product or service to a prospective customer and is permitted for 3 minutes at a time; sound level may not exceed 85 decibels.