Cam Miller

Each time my wife and I take a walk in a new place, we take a moment to pick up a pebble to remember the experience. As I  reflect back on some of the influential people that I have had the privilege to meet and know, I thought of this concept: that learning a nugget of knowledge from these mentors is a lot like picking up a pebble. Each time I learn something new, I gain another pebble of wisdom.

Just last night, I learned of the passing of jazz journalist and dear friend, Cam Miller, who I certainly picked up several pebbles of wisdom from over the years. Cam and I have both conducted interviews with our musical heroes, he, for newspaper stories and I, for the NAMM Oral History collection. Cam and I both felt the great excitement and honor in documenting the stories of those who have brought the joy of music to others. When I play Cam's interview segment, taken from my interview with him in 2006, I think about the lessons he taught me and the nuggets of wisdom I gained from him. I'm sure proud of the fact that he was one of the many pebbles in my life's journey.

Click here to view Cam's interview.

Dan Del Fiorentino
Music Historian