The Music History Project Podcast

NAMM's resident Music Historian Dan Del Fiorentino and co-hosts Alex Rossner and Suzanne Del Fiorentino examine the innovative creations, evolution of musical instruments, the changing world of the music industry, as well as industry icons and performers. The content of this podcast is based on NAMM's Oral History program, which boasts of over 5,000 one-on-one interviews and is continually growing.

Posted by: on September 16, 2022

Join the Music History Project team as we dive a little deeper into gospel music as told by those interviewed for the NAMM Oral history program. Our special guest is Jonah Del Fiorentino, who chose to discuss the interviews of legendary vocalist Betty Wright and Jonah's own grandmother who has been a life long pianist and piano teacher.

Posted by: on August 19, 2022

Gospel and Contemporary church music have changed greatly over the last 50 years. One of the key elements of this development has been catchy and relatable songs churchgoers can sing along to. Join us as we explore the contributions of three such songwriters, Kurt Kaiser (“Pass It On”), Karen Lafferty (“Seek Ye First”), and Robert Watters (“The Shepard’s Song”).

Posted by: on July 20, 2022

Join Suzanne, Alex and Dan as we play and discuss the full NAMM interview with bassist and beloved studio musician TM Stevens! This 2011 interview is chocked-full of stories about James Brown, Shocka Zooloo and TM’s relationship with Warwick Basses.

Posted by: on June 16, 2022

While listening to our favorite music, we often overlook the unseen force, creativity and vast knowledge of the recording engineer. Join us for this exciting episode of the Music History Project (with a special guest) as we discover the background and techniques of a true pioneer, Sylvia Massy!

Posted by: on May 19, 2022

What 80’s hit was written on the toilet? Was “Puff, The Magic Dragon” really about marijuana use? These and other burning questions will be answered in this month’s episode of the Music History Project! We will be learning the backstories of songs written by Jason Mraz, Valerie Day & John Smith, Jerry Fuller, Mark Stein, Peter Yarrow, Gail Davies, and Trevor Rabin.

Posted by: on April 21, 2022

Why do werewolves dine at Lee Ho Fooks, and what is a Schlimazel? All throughout the NAMM Oral History interview collection are the stories of songwriters talking about the inspirations behind their musical creations. Join us as we reveal fun facts about such songs as “Werewolves of London,” the TV theme to Laverne & Shirley as well as several other classic hits.

Posted by: on March 17, 2022

This Episode of The Music History Project is dedicated to the great music educator and musician Dr. George Shaw. Hear how Dr. Shaw became an accomplished trumpeter and a gifted college professor. His passion for education and life-long learning has inspired generations of young musicians.

Posted by: on February 17, 2022

Join Alex and Dan for this episode of the Music History Project as we highlight the musical innovator and stylistically diverse Frank Zappa. Hear from some of the musicians who played in his bands as well as the technicians who worked with him on stage and in his home studio.

Posted by: on January 13, 2022

Join the Music History Project team as we explore some fascinating facts about the ukulele! While reviewing NAMM’s interview of Robert Yates, we are provided insight into the instruments interesting history as well as the making of the ukulele. Mr. Yates, known as Uncle Uke, provides a wonderful look at the uke’s background and he even plays for us!

Amro Music
Posted by: on December 13, 2021

The Music History Project podcast would like to join the music community in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Memphis retailer Amro Music!

Posted by: on October 20, 2021

During World War II special records were sent overseas to the troops with the goal of boosting morale. These records which would later be called V (for victory) Discs have a fascinating history.

Posted by: on September 28, 2021

The Music History Project is highlighting the fascinating career of trumpeter and product engineer, Larry Ramirez. Join us as Larry shares the unique way he was able to purchase his first instrument and how his career with the Holton Company developed. Mr.

Posted by: on September 22, 2021

This week The Music History Project discusses recording studio design! We will hear from several innovative engineers who have put their own unique spin on studio design including Glenn Phoenix, Guy Charbonneau, Michael Marquart, George Augspurger, Jimmy Nutt and Sherry Klein.

Posted by: on September 8, 2021

Do you remember the 21st night of September? Because we sure do! Join Dan, Mike and Ashley on this week’s episode of The Music History Project as we celebrate the iconic Earth, Wind & Fire with interviews from bassist Verdine White, keyboardist Larry Dunn and percussionist Ralph Johnson.

Posted by: on August 25, 2021

This week The Music History Project will be discussing multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and electronic engineer Don Lewis. Utilizing our interview with him in 2004 in the Museum of Making Music as well as a recent interview in 2021 we will go through Don’s impressive career working for Hammond and Mr. Kakehashi to the creation of LEO (Live Electronic Orchestra).

Posted by: on August 11, 2021

This week’s episode is dedicated to the King of Soul, Sam Cooke. Join Dan, Mike and Ashley as they discuss Sam’s influence and contribution to not only soul music  but popular music as well. Enjoy stories from Jerry Blavat and Al Schmitt who worked with him in the industry, Tommy Roe and Chris Montez who toured with him and Ellis Hall and Deacon John Moore who were inspired by him.

Posted by: on July 28, 2021

The Music History Project is featuring the inspiring musician and songwriter Benjamin Scheuer this week. Join Ashley, Dan and Mike as they discuss Benjamin’s infectious passion for music and the unique and remarkable career he has had. Benjamin also performs a few of his songs including “Cookie Tin Banjo”, “I Am Samantha” and “Weather the Storm” and shares the stories behind them.

Posted by: on July 14, 2021

The introduction of the synthesizer brought with it a many new types of sounds and a new way of thinking when it came to creating instruments.

Posted by: on June 30, 2021

Mike, Dan and Ashley are going behind the scenes this week to discuss the evolution of Front of House (FOH). Using interviews from the NAMM Oral History collection, the team begins with a review of the innovations that took place while Rusty Brutsche was developing Showco.

Posted by: on June 16, 2021

This week on The Music History Podcast Mike, Ashley and Dan will be featuring two industry heroes of the pickup! Discussing their first designs and the evolution of the product will be the Founder of Seymour Duncan, Seymour Duncan and the Founder of the Bill Lawrence Guitar Pickups, Bill Lawrence.

Posted by: on June 2, 2021

The Music History Project continues highlighting the remarkable steel guitar this week by discussing the great innovators over the years. Join Ashley, Mike and Dan as they chat about the evolution of this versatile instrument and some of the key players.

Posted by: on May 19, 2021

The Music History Project is celebrating their 100th episode this week and highlighting the inspiring career of the Co-Founder of the Jazz Education Network, Mary Jo Papich! Join Dan, Mike and Ashley as they discuss the importance of music education and the wonderful work Mary Jo is doing as a music advocate.

Posted by: on May 5, 2021

The Music History Project will be highlighting the steel guitar in our next two episodes. In this episode Dan, Mike and Ashley will be discussing the pioneers of this versatile instrument and going through its fascinating history.

Posted by: on April 21, 2021

Join the Music History Project this week as we honor the amazing songwriter Hal David on what would have been his 100th birthday! Mr. David shares his story that began with him writing songs while serving during WWII.

Posted by: on April 7, 2021

This week Dan, Mike and Ashley are putting on their boogie shoes and discussing some of the great songwriters of the 1970s. These songwriters have written some of the most quintessential songs of that decade including “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” “All Right Now,” “Express Yourself,” “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty,” “Love Train” and so many more!

Posted by: on March 24, 2021

The Music History Project will highlight our captivating interview with Sam Hinton this week. Join Mike, Ashley and Dan as we discuss Mr. Hinton’s focus on preserving some of our nation’s greatest treasures, folk songs. His efforts led to several recordings being submitted to the Library of Congress and a deeper understanding of the origins of folk music.

Posted by: on March 10, 2021

Join Ashley, Mike and Dan this week as we honor International Women’s Day by highlighting the innovative career of the founder of Daisy Rock Guitars, Tish Ciravolo. Tish’s story begins like so many others, falling in love with playing the bass guitar. She always felt there was a disconnect between female player's needs and what the instruments provided.

Posted by: on February 24, 2021

Mr. Sandman has brought us a dream of an episode this week! Ashley, Dan and Mike feature interviews from Carol Buschmann and Dorothy Schwartz - members of the iconic group, The Chordettes. Join us as we review their impressive career and the longevity of their songs including “Mr. Sandman” and “Lollipop.”

Posted by: on February 10, 2021

The Music History Project is going on tour! This week Mike, Dan and Ashley are highlighting some of the amazing touring drummers we have interviewed over the years. They have toured with just about everyone you could think of including Michael Jackson, Kenny Loggins, Billy Idol, Lauren Hill, P!nk and so many others!

Posted by: on January 26, 2021

Join Dan, Mike and Ashley as they discuss The British Invasion in their very first video podcast! Featuring interviews from Spencer Davis, Peter Asher, Sara and Bernard Michaelson, and Rod Argent. Come see what we look like!

Posted by: on January 13, 2021

This week Mike, Ashley and Dan discuss the impact the Mancini Family has had on Music Education. Ginny and Felice Mancini are both music advocates who have been involved in serval programs throughout the years including Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation and the Society of Singers.

Posted by: on December 30, 2020

This week the Music History Project highlights the impressive career of studio designer Eddie Veale. Join Dan, Ashley and Mike as they discuss just some of the amazing highlights of Eddie’s career including studio design with members of the Beatles and his work at the Independent Broadcast Authority.

Posted by: on December 16, 2020

Join Mike, Dan and Ashley this week in remembering the iconic saxophonist, Boots Randolph.

Posted by: on December 2, 2020

The Music History Project is celebrating what would have been Jazz legend Dave Brubeck’s 100th birthday this week. Join Ashley, Dan and Mike as they discuss the massive impact he had on music as well as listening to interviews from members of his trio including Eugene Wright, Joe Morello and the man himself, Mr. Brubeck.

Posted by: on November 18, 2020

This week Ashley, Mike and Dan will continue to do the two-step to some iconic country music. We will be highlighting some of the genres most iconic performers, including Kitty Wells, Charley Pride, Marty Stuart, Ricky Skaggs and Whispering Bill Anderson - all of whom have been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame!

Posted by: on November 4, 2020

The Music History Project has gone country! Join us as we discuss some of the genres most iconic recordings and those who were there. Highlights will include Bonnie Guitar sharing stories of recording “Dark Moon”, Glenn Snoddy discussing the fuzz tone on “Don’t Worry About Me”, Ralph Peer II discussing the early Carter family recordings from his father and many others!

Posted by: on October 21, 2020

This week Ashley, Dan, and Mike are highlighting the inspiring career of Musician, Songwriter, and Music Advocate Patrice Rushen. She began her career in high school playing at the Monterey Jazz Festival, which led to performing with many artists. Overtime she transitioned into composing and arranging for television and film.

Posted by: on October 7, 2020

Grab your favorite snack and don’t touch that dial because this week Mike, Ashley and Dan will be discussing TV show theme songs and the songwriters behind them. We will channel surf through the decades covering classic theme songs from The Addams Family and Mr. Ed, to M.A.S.H. and Doug!

Posted by: on September 23, 2020

It’s no surprise that Record Producer, Songwriter and Recording Engineer, Al Bell has always had an ear for music. A former radio DJ who became a fundamental part of famed Stax Records has helped propel many of the label's artists over the years including the Staple Singers and Otis Redding.

Posted by: on September 9, 2020

Dan, Mike and Ashley have just one question for you - are you experienced? It has been fifty years since the passing of Jimi Hendrix and this week we are honoring the man and his music by sharing the impact he made.

Posted by: on August 26, 2020

Composer Suzanne Ciani may have started her musical career with the piano, but once she was introduced to Don Buchla and electronic music she never looked back. She has played a key role introducing electronic musical instruments into pop culture including film, television and music. Join Dan, Mike and Ashley this week as we explore the career of one of America’s first female synth heroes.

Posted by: on August 12, 2020

Buckle up, because The Music History Project is taking you on a long strange trip this week, discussing The Grateful Dead.

Posted by: on July 29, 2020

And now for something completely different! For the past fifty years Musical Director, Recording Engineer, Sound Supervisor & Designer Andre Jacquemin has worked with Monty Python on several iconic movies. Join Dan, Michael and Ashley discuss all things Monty Python on this week’s episode of The Music History Project.

Posted by: on July 16, 2020

Join Dan, Mike and Ashley as they go on a Surfin’ Safari this week with The Beach Boys! Enjoy the Good Vibrations and some fantastic stories from band member, Bruce Johnston; Tour Manager, Fred Vail; and Musicians, Paul Tanner and Jim Horn.

Posted by: on July 1, 2020

This week we celebrate the phenomenal drumming career of Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett. Join us and try not to get whiplash backlash as he goes through his stunning career which includes touring with Michael Jackson, performing at Live Aid with Madonna and recording the 1979 hit “Don’t Stop the Music” by Yardbrough & Peoples.

Posted by: on June 18, 2020

In this week’s episode of The Music History Project, Dan, Mike and Ashley highlight the life and career of record producer, Gail Davies. Being the first female record producer in Nashville was not easy but she was determined to make her mark and she did. She has assisted the careers of hundreds of artists over the years while also writing and recording her own music.

Posted by: on June 3, 2020

Time has come today for another episode of The Music History Project! This week, join us as we discuss the groundbreaking career of The Chambers Brothers. In this episode, you will hear from three of the brothers; Joe, Willie and Lester, as well as entertainment veteran Beverly Noga and musician Snooky Flowers.

Posted by: on May 20, 2020

Legendary Live Sound Mixer, Buford Jones has had quite the career. Spanning over 50 years and touring with artists including Pink Floyd, 3 Dog Night, David Bowie and Linda Ronstadt, Mr. Jones has some remarkable stories to tell and fantastic insight for fellow engineers and anyone in the live entertainment industry.

Posted by: on May 6, 2020

Join Dan, Mike and Ashley as they put on their Mickey Mouse ears and celebrate award-winning songwriter Richard Sherman. If you have ever seen a Disney movie or been to one of their parks, odds are you have heard one of the many Sherman Brothers hits. In this episode, Mr.

Posted by: on April 22, 2020

Get ready rock this town with us and all three of the Stray Cats! Join Slim Jim Phantom, Lee Rocker and Brian Setzer as they tell the story of how they went from neighborhood friends to single-handedly bringing Rockabilly back to the record charts. 

Posted by: on April 8, 2020

Grammy award winner, Andrew York is the topic for this week’s episode of The Music History Project. As a classical guitarist and composer, Andrew has toured the world and has performed with the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Join us as he shares his unique insight on composing and playing as well as his recent passion of mathematics.

Posted by: on March 25, 2020

Join us this week for a very special episode celebrating 20 years of the NAMM Oral History Program. We reminisce about some amazing interviews we have conducted over the years including the very first one! We also chat with some current and former colleagues who have played such an important role in getting us to 20 years. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Posted by: on March 11, 2020

This week’s episode is dedicated to Grammy Award winning songwriter Allee Willis. She wrote/co-wrote such hits as “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire, the theme song to Friends “I’ll Be There for You”, the Broadway musical The Color Purple and the “Neutron Dance”.

Posted by: on February 26, 2020

In this week’s episode we discuss all things synthesizer with Marcus Ryle, who combined his passion of music and technology into an impressive career. Join us as we go from Marcus taking apart his first synthesizer to creating a guitar electronics company, Line 6.

Posted by: on February 12, 2020

This week’s episode of The Music History Project is all about Mom N’ Pop Shops. These family-owned businesses have made a huge difference in their communities and in the Music Industry as a whole. In this episode, we hear from Marvin and Beverly Maxwell, Nancy and Bill Higgins, Dick and Marilyn Puccio, Tom and Brenda Hebert, Jerry and Bernice Ash, and Jim and Ede Kidder.

Posted by: on January 15, 2020

Multi Grammy and Emmy winning Composer, Mike Post, is the topic of this week’s episode of The Music History Project. Mike’s discography is vast and includes TV theme songs such as Law & Order, The A-Team and NYPD Blue.

Posted by: on December 31, 2019

In honor of The 2020 NAMM Show, this week’s episode of The Music History Project is a bit different than usual. In this episode, we will be hearing from NAMM Staff about their favorite NAMM Show memories. Staff members in this episode include: Zach Phillips, André Brousseau, Jessica Duarte, Luke Walton, Michael Mullens, Staci Cohen, Kate Mitchell, B.J.

Posted by: on December 4, 2019

In part two of The Music History Project’s series on banjos, we listen to a bit of the history of banjo players. Join Dan, Mike and Michelle as they welcome back The Museum of Making Music’s Bill Kilpatrick and hear from some of the banjo greats including: Sonny Osbourne; Michael Doucet; JD Crowe; Pete Seeger and Earl Scruggs.

Posted by: on November 20, 2019

In this week’s episode of The Music History Project, we take a close look at one of the most unique sounding instruments - the banjo. In part one of this two-part series, we hear from the makers of this fine instrument with a little help from The Museum of Making Music’s own Bill Kilpatrick. This episode features: Greg and Janet Deering, Renee Karnes, Harry Sparks and Bill Rickard.

Posted by: on November 6, 2019

Musician, Product Endorser and TEC Awards Hall of Fame Inductee, Todd Rundgren, is the topic of this week’s episode of The Music History Project. Join Dan, Mike and Michelle as we hear about Todd’s passion for music, music advocacy and working with NAMM’s President and CEO, Joe Lamond.

Posted by: on October 24, 2019

In this episode of The Music History Project, we examine the story behind one of Nashville’s most popular set of Studio Musicians - The A-Team. Included in this episode are musicians: Charlie McCoy, Pig Robbins, Wayne Moss, Bob Moore and Buddy Harman.

Posted by: on October 10, 2019

This week’s episode of The Music History Project features a talented Luthier and Founder of Hamer Guitars, Paul Hamer. Hamer Guitars were seen, heard, and played around the world by acts that included Aerosmith, Bad Company, Blackfoot, Blues Brothers, Bon Jovi, Cheap Trick and countless more.

Posted by: on September 25, 2019

This week's episode of The Music History Project, Dan, Mike and Michelle hear all about what it's like to be in a big band. This episode includes a few greats from that era such as: Sideman Jonah Jones, Band Leader Alvino Rey, and Vocalists Kenny Gardner and Martha Tilton.

Posted by: on September 16, 2019

Dan, Mike and Michelle are talking Big Bands in this week’s episode of The Music History Project. In part one of this two part series we will hear from a few Big Band greats such as: John Tumpak, Dick Jurgens, Sammy Nestico and Billy May.

Posted by: on August 28, 2019

In this week’s episode of The Music History Project, we are highlighting the inventors Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie. This team tells the story of how they got into business and how they developed and marketed the Fairlight CMI, the world’s first commercial sound-sampling electronic musical instrument.

Posted by: on August 14, 2019

This year to the day marks the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival. The Music History Project team celebrates that anniversary in this podcast with interviews of a few musicians who played there, some of the attendees and of course, the Father of Woodstock, Artie Kornfeld.  

Posted by: on July 30, 2019

In this week's episode of the Music History Project, join Dan, Mike, and Michelle as they dive into the works of some of the most famous songwriting teams in history. Interviews include Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, and Alan and Marilyn Bergman. 

Posted by: on July 16, 2019

Columbia Records Engineer, Fred Catero, is the topic of this week’s episode of The Music History Project. Join Dan, Mike and Michelle as we learn about Fred’s remarkable career working with artists such as Bing Crosby, Santana and Janis Joplin.

Posted by: on July 3, 2019

In this week’s edition of The Music History Project, the team dives into the deep subject of Vintage Guitars. Join Dan, Mike and Michelle as they explore what exactly makes a guitar “vintage” and hear from the top experts within the industry.

Posted by: on June 19, 2019

In a special Father's Day edition of the podcast, Dan's son Seth joins the team. Seth recounts some of his favorite interviews and adds his unique perspective on the years that he spent attending them with his dad.

Posted by: on June 5, 2019

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes the Motown sound? Join Dan, Mike and Michelle as they continue with part 2 of The Music History Project’s series on Motown. This week’s episode features Jack Ashford, Phil Ranelin, Allee Willis, Bob Olhsson and Tony Bongiovi.

Posted by: on May 28, 2019

This week’s episode of The Music History Project is part one of a two-part series celebrating Motown Records. You’ll hear from greats such as Bob Olhsson, Allee Willis, Brian and Eddie Holland and Lamont Dozier as they explore the history of the label and commemorate some outstanding songwriters.

Posted by: on May 8, 2019

This week's episode of The Music History Project includes special guest Wolf Marshall, a renowned guitarist, author and teacher. Join Wolf and the gang as we chat about the Blues and reflect on the interviews of Blues legends such as: B.B. King, John Mayall, Quincy Jones, Allen Toussaint, Robert Cray, Arthur Lee Williams and John Dee Holeman. 

Posted by: on April 24, 2019

In this week’s episode of The Music History Project, Dan, Mike and Michelle highlight the life and career of famous writer, teacher and Sitar player Ravi Shankar. Known as the “Godfather of World Music,” Ravi discusses how he got that title and how his love of music developed.

Posted by: on April 10, 2019

This week the team celebrates the achievements of one of the pioneers in live sound and lighting with an episode dedicated to See Factor founder and Parnelli Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Bob See.  

Posted by: on March 27, 2019

Join the team as they welcome Rockabilly musician, Deke Dickerson, as their special guest on this week’s episode. Deke talks about the legacy of legends from the world of Rockabilly as well as the impact the genre has had on his musical aspirations and his life. 

Posted by: on March 13, 2019

This week on the Music History Project, the team dives into one of the most important topics for NAMM and the NAMM Foundation - Music Advocacy. Join Dan, Mike, and Elizabeth as they hear from some of the greatest advocates for music education, such as Karl Bruhn, Bernie Williams, Roy Ernst, Brenda Dillon, Scout Houston, Richard Riley, Tim Lautzenheiser, and John Benham. 

Posted by: on February 27, 2019

The Music History Project celebrates the work of the unsung heroes of the music products world, the instrument repair technicians. This episode is dedicated to those technicians and the NAPBIRT organization that works to breathe new life into our long loved and often battered and bruised instruments.

Posted by: on February 13, 2019

The Music History Project examines the rich heritage of the piano retail industry by utilizing interviews with representation from long standing piano retailers: M. Steinert & Sons, Hollywood Piano, Fletcher Music Centers, and Daynes Music Company, as well as a special segment with “The Music Man” himself, Bob Gray.

Posted by: on January 30, 2019

Throughout the NAMM Oral History Collection there is one constant - the overwhelming presence of Buddy Holly as a catalyst for inspiration. Dan, Mike, and Elizabeth examine the life and career of Buddy to commemorate the 60th anniversary of his passing. Content features interviews with musicians Sonny Curtis, Don McLean, Brian Setzer, Tommy Roe, Eric Burdon, and Sound Techniques LTD.

Posted by: on January 16, 2019

The world of music retail was forever changed in 1924 when Sam Ash opened his first store. Since then the family-run business is on its fourth generation and has grown to boast 45 locations at the time of this podcast release. This episode features content from the second through fourth generations of the Ash family as they describe their history, growth, and key to success in the retail market

Posted by: on January 2, 2019

Manny’s Music defined Music Row on West 48th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues, in New York City for decades before it eventually closed its doors in the late 2000s. This episode features content from 2 of the three generations of this famed family owned and operated business, Henry Goldrich and his sons, Ian and Judd Goldrich. Take a listen as they reflect on the history and heritage of this

Posted by: on December 19, 2018

The Music History Project welcomes returning guest, Zach Phillips, as they examine the career of Big Star drummer and Ardent Studios CEO, Jody Stephens. Big Star, out of Memphis, Tennessee, made three albums before splitting and the loss of Chris Bell. As the last surviving member of Big Star, Jody reflects on the impact of the band as well as other influential moments in his life and career.

Posted by: on December 5, 2018

Dan, Mike, and Elizabeth examine six of their favorite webclips from the Oral History collection.  This episode features content from the Women’s International Music Network founder, founder of the Luthier String Company, the founder of the Santorella Music Publishing Company, and a wide range of musicians. 

Posted by: on November 21, 2018

The latest installment of The Music History Project is anything but a drag as the team give a tip of the (hi) hat to drum manufacturer William F. Ludwig II.

Posted by: on November 7, 2018

This week the team steps up to the plate to examine the life and career of former MLB baseball player turned musician, music advocate, and veteran of the NAMM Foundation Fly-In, Bernie Williams.  The four-time Golden Glove awardee is can often be spotted at the yearly NAMM Show in Anaheim, California and was gracious enough to sit down for an Oral History interview in 2017.

Posted by: on October 24, 2018

Rock and Roll wouldn’t be where it is today without the giants that helped shape this wave of popular music. On this week’s episode, the team examines the foundations of the Rock and Roll movement with help from interviews with musicians Bo Diddley, Duane Eddy, DJ Fontana, Wanda Jackson, Scotty More, Ike Turner, Lloyd Price, and songwriters Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, and Dave Bartholomew.

Posted by: on October 10, 2018

Chances are, you know the voices in this episode of The Music History Project. While you might not recognize their names, you have heard their iconic playing on many notable albums that came out of Los Angeles throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Posted by: on October 5, 2018

The conclusion of the 2001 interview with Henry Steinway outlines some of the defining moments in the Steinway legacy. Henry also discusses the decision to sell Steinway to CBS and many of the ways Steinway worked to remain at the forefront of the piano movement as new challenges arose.

Posted by: on October 5, 2018

Part one of a two-part series hammers out the life of Henry Steinway of Steinway Pianos. The overtones of part one includes the early history of Steinway as well as the importance of performance in the Steinway model. Let us string you along for the conclusion of this interview in two weeks.

Posted by: on August 29, 2018

Dan, Mike, and Elizabeth discuss six of their top favorite webclips from the over 3,500 Oral History interviews. This episode features a wide variety of musicians and songwriters that have left their mark on the NAMM Oral History program.

Posted by: on August 17, 2018

The team reaches deep into the NAMM Oral History catalog on this episode dedicated to music publishers. Examining this facet of the music products industry featuring content from musicians, songwriters, publishers, and method book authors, this episode is sure to be one to write home about.

Posted by: on August 2, 2018

The NAMM Resource Center team along with special guest, Kate Mitchell, make their own Fab Four as they talk the Beatles. This new series chronicles the Beatles early years as they prepared for the trip to the States. Listen to those closely associated with the boys including Bernand and Sara Michaelson, Pete Best, Billy Kramer, Ivor Davis, and Louise Harrison.

Posted by: on August 2, 2018

Folk legend Peter Yarrow, most known for his work with Peter, Paul, and Mary discusses the role of music in the world and how it impacts and is influenced by world events. Peter also puts to rest the rumors behind his iconic song, “Puff the Magic Dragon”.

Posted by: on August 2, 2018

March in to the next episode of The Music History Project as the NAMM Resource Center team reflects on the work of John Phillip Sousa. Featuring content from Harold Gore, Paul Bierley, James Saied, Steve Dillon, and John P. Smith we celebrate everything that is patriotic in honor of the 4th of July.

Posted by: on August 2, 2018

Hang ten with the NAMM Resource Center team as they examine the evolution of Surf Music featuring a swell lineup with Surf Music icons such as Will Glover, Bruce Johnston, George Tomsco, Bob Berryhill, Paul Johnson, and the King of Surf guitar, Dick Dale.

Posted by: on August 2, 2018

Take a listen this week to the NAMM Oral History interviews with Dr. Leo Beranek and Dr. Sidney Harman as they discuss and dissect the concepts behind acoustics, sound engineering, and the pro-audio field.

Posted by: on August 2, 2018

Al Schmitt reflects on his career as a recording engineer that covers more than 50 years of innovation in the pro audio world. Working with the likes of Sam Cooke and being inducted into the TEC Hall of Fame in 1997, Al has an illustrious career that continues to inspire others.

Posted by: on August 1, 2018

Celebrate what would have been American composer and lyricist, Irving Berlin’s 130th birthday with Dan, Michael, and Elizabeth as they examine the work of one of the greatest songwriters in American history.

Posted by: on August 1, 2018

Join The Music History Project team as they explore the careers and life work of iconic luthiers Scott Baxendale, Bob Benedetto, Roger Bucknall, Wayne Charvel, and the late Bill Collings. We discuss the foundations for finding a path as a luthier, the creation of ones first instrument, start of their iconic careers, and reflect on some lessons learned by these industry heroes.

Posted by: on April 11, 2018

Two of the industries most iconic names in amplifiers are Hartley Peavey and Jim Marshall. The NAMM Oral History team examines the interviews conducted with these two legends while discussing the history of the amplifier.

Posted by: on April 3, 2018

The conclusion of the interview with American film composer and session musician specializing in the synthesizer, Michael Boddicker. Michael discusses what it was like to work on some of his more iconic projects including Michael Jackson’s Thriller and his work scoring films.

Posted by: on March 15, 2018

In part-one of this two-part series, the NAMM Oral History team examines the life and career of American film composer and session musician specializing in the synthesizer, Michael Boddicker. Michael reflects on his early years where he discovered a passion for music, specifically electronic music and his memories of attending the NAMM Show.

Posted by: on March 1, 2018

In honor of National Women’s History Month, we take a look at influential female performers who have made a lasting impact of the music industry. Hear content from Wanda Jackson, Jennifer Batten, Sheila E, DJ Spinderella, and see if you can figure out the mystery interview from this iconic female electric bassist.

Posted by: on February 20, 2018

The Avedis Zildjian Company has been making cymbals since 1623 and former president Armand Zildjian continued to grow the company when his father handed over the company to him. This now 14th generation, family run company, has a rich history full of captivating stories, some of which Armand Zildjian shares during his NAMM Oral History interview.

Posted by: on February 20, 2018

In honor of Black History Month, The Music History Project team takes a look at stories from performers who have faced their share of struggles as African American artists and those who were advocates for change during one of America's most tumultuous periods in history.

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Join the Music History Project team in the conclusion of the podcast all about Elvis Presley. In this episode, we talk all about the King's film career after the army, his comeback and return to Las Vegas, as well as some final thoughts from iconic musicians such as Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, James Burton, and Frank De Vito.

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In celebration of what would have been his 83rd birthday, The Music History Project team dives deep into what made Elvis Presley the King of Rock & Roll. In part one of a two part series, we discuss the early days of Elvis, his instruments, and his recordings.

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Dan, Michael, and Elizabeth examine the July 17, 2000 NAMM Oral History interview with author, retailer, and vintage guitar expert George Gruhn. George discusses the idea behind vintage guitar collecting and setting up his business in Nashville, Tennessee as one of the pioneers in vintage guitar sales.

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In honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, The Music History Project team takes a look at those in the Oral History Collection who were impacted by World War Two, with perspectives ranging from those who served overseas and at home, to individuals who were living in Europe during in World War II, and even some who returned to the states to open up their own retail stores.

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Dr. Robert Moog was the father of the synthesizer and perhaps the best-known promoter of the Theremin and electronic music. The synthesizer celebrated the two things Bob loved most, electronics and music.

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Founder of the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company and inventor, Leo Fender, brought the world iconic instruments such as the Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Fender Precision Bass. This week, the team examines interviews with some of Leo’s closest friends and employees to examine the man behind the brand.

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In this special episode of The Music History Project take a look behind the scenes of what goes in to capturing an interview and the creation of the podcast. Hosts Dan Del Fiorentino, Michael Mullens, and Elizabeth Dale discuss everything you never knew you needed to know about the NAMM Oral History Project. Featuring special guest Zach Phillips.

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The conclusion of recording engineer, Lenise Bent’s, NAMM Oral History interview focuses on her work with groups such as Supertramp, The Knack, and Fleetwood Mac as well as some of the challenges she has faced in the studio.

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In part one of this two-part series the NAMM Resource Center team reflects on an interview completed with recording engineer, Lenise Bent. Lenise discusses her background, education, and early work in the industry as well as working on some of her more notable projects including working as an engineer on Steely Dan’s Aja.

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Two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and two time Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee, Graham Nash recounts his career as a musician, songwriter, photographer, and activist.

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With the help of music advocate, Christie Z, the conclusion of pioneering DJs focuses on the development of Hip-Hop, as well as current equipment that many of the pioneering DJs are working with today featuring interviews from DJ Grand Master Caz, DJ Grand Mixer DXT, DJ Afrika Bombaataa, DJ Jazzy Joyce, DJ Johnny Juice, and DJ Grand Wizard Theodore.

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In part one of this two-part series we explore the televised debut of scratch with Grand Mixer DXT showcasing his skills on the Herbie Hancock hit “Rockit” as well as the birth of scratch from its creator, DJ GrandWizard Theodore.

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Les Paul is known for his role in the popularity of the electric guitar, the design of the Gibson Les Paul guitar, multi-track recording, early guitar effects, and hit recordings with his wife Mary Ford.

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The second half of the Sun Records podcast discusses the legendary “Sun sound” that defined an era of music, famed recordings that were captured in the studio by Sam Phillips, and the Million Dollar Quartet session that brought together Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley for one defining night of music history.

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In the first of two episodes about Sun Records in Memphis, TN covers studio founder Sam Phillips efforts to record the Memphis sound recording stars such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison.