Eric Glasnapp

Eric Glasnapp (1969-2015)

A love of jazz first brought Eric and me together. We worked together for several years in the 1990s, but even after that working relationship ended, our friendship grew. He knew all about the bebop era and I knew about the swing era, and together we covered 50 years of jazz and explored all the other eras together. I was fascinated by him and looked for any way I could to get together, including going to concerts and mountain biking. In March of 2015, when it became possible for me to hire someone to help me in the NAMM Resource Center, I instantaneously thought of Eric, who said yes. We had big, big plans together! We traveled to LA, Washington state, and a big 10-day adventure from Nashville, beginning with the NAMM Show in July, down to Alabama, over to Memphis, and even a stop in Denver for the annual PTG meeting. It was wonderful.

We worked so well together and connected personally. In fact, one stop at a music shop gave me the opportunity to tell him I always wanted to work again with my best friend and he replied by saying, "I've always wanted a brother.". We outlined ideas for a book based on the oral history collection, names of those we haven't interviewed yet, but should, and details on how to promote the collection. Then, just three days after returning from our trip to Nashville, Eric was killed while on his bike. I have tried to carry on and with the wonderful support of the NAMM staff and my new staff members, I have done just that.

Here is a video tribute the staff put together to honor Eric.

This video segment includes highlights from interviews Eric conducted during his short four months at NAMM:

Every once in awhile I will interview someone or go someplace that reminds me of Eric and each time I get a refreshing feeling that he is still with us in spirit, the very spirit of music that first brought us together.

We miss you, buddy.

Dan Del Fiorentino
Music Historian