Founders of Fairlight

During the 2000 NAMM Summer Show in Nashville, there was a small display of vintage electronic instruments.  Among the items, people stopped to stare at and even get their photograph taken with, was an early Fairlight!  Although I was familiar with the Fairlight's importance in music and technology, it was the first time I had seen one myself.  It was at that moment I thought it would be meaningful to interview the two founders for a newly created video archive at NAMM.  It took some time, 17 years in fact, and required the help of Will Alexander, but eventually, the day came when Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie were interviewed for the NAMM Oral History program.  To me, this is an extra special interview, not because it took a while, but because of who these guys are and the contributions they have made to music.  I hope you enjoy watching their full interview as much as I enjoyed capturing it!

Dan Del Fiorentino
NAMM Music Historian