Leng Tshua

Leng Tshua has played an important role in the piano industry both in the United States and his home country, Singapore. His passion for music began when he was inspired by his aunt playing the piano. Her enthusiasm and those melodies stayed with young Leng, who went on to take lessons. He entered the piano industry in 1993 when he was hired by Sherman Clay in Washington state. The retail store was the perfect setting for Leng to learn the inner workings of the piano as well as his skills in sales and marketing. After running his own store, the Steinway Piano Gallery of Tucson, Arizona (2004), Leng was asked to open the first Steinway dealership in Singapore. The experience was an honor for Leng and provided him the opportunity to find and train a full team to run the store. His efforts with Steinway lead to his winning the top dealer award. In 2019, Leng joined the Pearl River Piano team to serve as the company’s Director of Global Sales and Marketing. The company, now the largest manufacturer of pianos in the world, was expanding and bringing on new brands, which was an exciting time for Leng and his team. He continues to promote the Pearl River band as well as Kayserburg and Ritmüller, which was founded in 1795 and built pianos played by the likes of Johannes Brahms and Hans von Bülow. Leng has always been proud of his role in the music industry and of the fact that his aunt's playing led to so much happiness.

Interview Date:
June 5, 2022
Job Title:
Director of Global Sales and Marketing
Pearl River Group

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