Michael Aguilar

Michael Aguilar played instruments both in and out of his school music programs growing up, which proved to be a wonderful background later in his career. After nearly five years in the retail end of consumer electronics, Michael became National Sales Manager for the tape recorder division at Panasonic in 1972. The company, wanting to branch into the musical instrument business, formed Technics in 1979. Three years later Michael was hired to lead the company, which took off during the early days of digital instruments. He worked closely with his dealer network to help re-imagine the supply chain in order to ensure needed products were in stock for a customer at the right time and location. Among the projects Michael is most proud of is the collaboration with Berklee College of Music in which a 40 piano lab was created. After his retirement in 2013, Michael continued with charitable organizations related to music including Music For All Seasons and Voice of Valor, which matches veterans with songwriters to create songs based on their own unique experiences.

Interview Date:
January 28, 2022
Job Title:
Former President

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