Rob Meads

Rob Meads recalls his father purchasing a Lowrey Organ and how he could think of nothing he would rather do than have a career making music! As a teenager, Rob was hired by legendary music retailer Swanny Swanson in Minnesota to play an organ in a grocery store, which was a big hit. Rob was trained by one of his mentors, Dennis Awe, before working his first job on the wholesale side of the industry with Conn Organs. Thanks to the help of another mentor, Nick Orlando, Rob was hired by Technics in the early 1980s and spent some memorable state fairs with Schmitt Music before selling Steinway Pianos in Florida. In more recent years, Rob and his wife have performed together in restaurants and for charity organizations. And to think, it all started because his dad brought a musical instrument home!

Interview Date:
January 26, 2019
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