Advancing Music Making

The NAMM Foundation has announced the application period for the 2021 Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) is now open until January 31, 2021. The annual recognition program is now is in its 22nd year and offers a revised “special edition” to reflect the current realities of music education in the time of COVID-19.
Presented by The NAMM Foundation and the Make Music Alliance, Make Music Winter is a free, outdoor music celebration for musicians of all ages and skill levels. Occurring each year on December 21 and coinciding with the winter solstice, this marks the tenth anniversary of the event.
On October 29, NAMM Member Riverton Piano aired their second annual Masquerade event, which celebrated their students' tireless efforts in a “spooky, but not scary” Halloween concert.
NAMM’s Museum of Making Music is undergoing its largest renovation since it opened its doors in 1998. The transformation is currently underway, with the grand reopening scheduled for early 2021.
Make Music Day is the global celebration of making music. This free, day-long event encourages participation from aspiring or seasoned musicians of all ages and abilities. Taking place on the summer solstice each year on June 21, Make Music Day is celebrated in more than 1,000 cities in 120 countries around the world.
For the eighth straight year, Hohner donated thousands of free harmonicas across more than three dozen cities, allowing first-time music makers an opportunity to develop their skills and inspire them to make music year-round.
World Singing Day is the global sing-along held annually on the third Saturday in October and will occur this year on October 17. Billed as “a catalyst for positive human connection,” the event provides an opportunity to celebrate “our global family through the international language of music.”
The Iowa based NAMM Member launched Musical Connections, a music therapy-informed program designed to serve a diverse group of needs in August.
The NAMM Foundation’s Museum of Making Music (MoMM) resides on the ground floor of NAMM headquarters in a burgeoning and accessible corner of Carlsbad, California. With sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, visitors are excited to discover this unique treasure of the not-so-sleepy beach town.
Make Music Day occurs annually on June 21 and is a set of free music events that take place “in venues and public spaces – from town squares to libraries, bandstands to school halls, and arts centers.” Open to musicians of all ages, abilities, and skill levels, the summer solstice music celebration takes place in 125 countries and across 1,000 cities around the world and
Creative United, in partnership with the Musicians’ Union and Normans Musical Instruments in the UK recently published the Take It Away The Guide to Buying Adaptive Musical Instruments, a compilation of more than 80 products that have been “specifically designed to make learning and playing musical instruments of all kinds as accessible as possible for d
The “May is MIDI Month” campaign, a month-long celebration of MIDI and its users, has recently concluded. The third-annual event centered around MIDI 2.0 and was presented in cooperation between The MIDI Association (TMA) and the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA). Events included the presentation of webinars, online materials, and fundraising for COVID-19 relief.