The Industry Crossroads

When I was hired by Umphrey's Mcgee three specific shows stood out. The first was New York City's, Beacon Theater, home to the iconic room that was only a short train ride away from where I grew up.
NAMM Member, Lightswitch, is a “collective of internationally-recognized lighting, media, and visual designers committed to changing the way people experience the world.” This spring, Lightswitch applied its core disciplines of lighting design, media design, sustainably responsible design, and control system design and programming as part of a COVID-friendly art installat
Since 2014, Gig Gear and its founder, Danny Shatzkes, have focused “on providing professionals in gigging and touring, live event and production, theater, and film and grip industries as well as musicians, DJ’s, roadies, pro audio techs, A/V techs, and all other gigging professionals” with quality products and solutions.
Just about every mainstream pop, country, hip-hop, or rock show is linked to backing tracks or a click track in some fashion.
NAMM Member, CTS is a leading supplier of sensing, connectivity, and motion solutions for the creation and advancement of products and services around the world, including some found in the music products industry.
K-array is constantly investing “in the development of innovative technologies and in the creation of unprecedented solutions, going even further in the search for a revolutionary design that never compromises sound quality.”
4Wall Entertainment is a “full-service lighting, video, and rigging company servicing all facets of the entertainment industry,” established in 1999.
“To be open, honest, and giving. If I can manage to do that, every day is an “anything-can-happen-day.”
Renowned lighting designer Anne Militello brings many years of experience in architecture, theater, concert tours, theme parks and light art installations to her role as principal designer/producer for MODE Studios. Her award-winning, world-class portfolio spans the globe, featuring scores of ultra-prestigious architectural, live and themed entertainment projects.
Chris Lisle has over 27 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has worked in a variety of roles including production designer, lighting designer, production manager, and show producer.
You’ve returned from a successful NAMM Show with lots of orders, new business connections and head full of ideas. Now what?
The NAMM Show is just weeks away. Are you ready for business?