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Category Updates

This is where we can discuss new categories.

New Tool and Page

I am happy to report that we have improved our presentation and management of Product Categories.  If you go to, you will see a newly designed management tool.  You can now search as well as maintain categories from the same page. 

Since this exists on the site, we will be redirecting the XML Category feed from the old URL to this one.

Make sure that you are logged in to see the full funtionality of the page.  And, please let me know what you think,  In the coming days, I will describe more of the new features that have been added.




In looking at categories...and searching for Bodhrans I couldn't fine it.  I found "Bodrams".  Is this a spelling error or different instrument?   Waltons Irish Music, for whom we distribute their product, spells it "Bodhran"


Bodhran spelling

I updated the spelling. This was a good test for notification updates.  Not sure if its working, so if anyone gets one, please let me know.

got it

Got it

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