We're Just Here For The Halftime Show!

When people tune in to watch one of the largest sporting events on television, the Super Bowl, they associate this “unofficial” holiday with an often-cold winter Sunday featuring good food, premier advertising experiences, and top-performing athletes battling it out on the gridiron. However, this does not complete the perfect Super Bowl Sunday; the fight for the Lombardi trophy would not be the same without one key element, music.

Perhaps no stage garners a larger audience than the Super Bowl Halftime Show, averaging some 114.4 million viewers throughout the event’s history and hosting some of the biggest names in music including many that have been interviewed as part of NAMM’s Oral History Program! Check out some interviews with Super Bowl alums, Doc Severinsen (SBIV), Lionel Hampton (SBIV), Dennis Guillaume (SBXXII), Arturo Sandoval (SBXXIX), Smokey Robinson (SBXXXII), Stevie Wonder (SBXXXIII), and Jay Wanamaker.


Elizabeth Dale
NAMM Public Relations Coordinator


Dan Del Fiorentino
Music Historian