Rick Jefferies

Rick Jefferies was focused on pre-med when he attended college in Jackson, Tennessee, but had a change of direction when he took a part time job at a local music store.  The store sold Steinway and Wurlitzer, which was a fitting introduction to the business for Rick, who continues to be involved with Steinway as a Vice President of Amro Music in Memphis.   He joined Amro in 1981, which was a time when the founder, MJ Averwater, was still living and MJ’s son, Bob, was just ready to retire.  He witnessed the transition to Bob’s son Chip, which Rick cites as a special part of history to take part in, the store continuing to grow and develop under a new generation.  Rick is proud of having played a vital role in the development of the piano department for Amro.

Interview Date:
July 15, 2015
Job Title:
Vice President
Amro Music

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