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He's been working in the studio since he was knee-high to a two-track, and it shows. We chat with Chuck Ainlay about his early exposure to recording, his work with Mark Knopfler and his philosophy of how less can be more.
From Chris Stapleton and Jack White to Phish and Arctic Monkeys, Vance Powell has cut his own path and his own unique sound with artists as individual as he is. He's as outspoken and pragmatic as he is hilarious and entertaining. Buckle up for a wide-ranging conversation.
He's made a career of pushing the envelope, contributing to technologies that have shifted the paradigms of creative tools. We chatted about his early days with Oberheim, the development of the ADAT, the birth of Line6, and his ongoing fascination with technology.
His years at Berklee College saw the institution through an almost revolutionary evolution in education. We chat about teaching, learning, and the creative process. 
At The NAMM Show, members can find the latest products and innovations from across the industry.
Jerry Kovarsky's career has been an elegant balance of music, technology, and education. He's been deeply involved in the development of some landmark synthesizers, written countless articles and books, and come full circle as a musician.
In 1992, Julie Tan graduated from the Recording Arts program at the University of Southern California and set her sights on working within the music products and pro audio industry. However, her continued passion for our industry has impacted her career trajectory, leading her to own one of the world's most reputable pro audio companies.
He designed Electric Ladyland studios at 22, and 4000 venues later he's still at it. We sat down with John Storyk for a wide-ranging chat about work, life, and universal truths.
From Shari Lewis to PeeWee's Playhouse and dozens more, Glenn Jordan has provided the soundtrack to countless movies and TV series. We caught up with him at Synthplex 2022 for some perspective on what it takes to build and keep a career in scoring.
Multitasking, shifting gears, wearing many hats...whatever you want to call it, Todd Urban does it, from performance to engineering and production, education, and video production, Todd is a master of mixing it up and making it work.
She's the epitome of a Renaissance woman - award-winning songwriter, composer, producer, singer, musician, artist, and more. The inimitable Brenda Russell joins us for our 100th episode of #InsightsInSound.
Dave Rossum is one of the pioneers of the synthesizer revolution - inventor of the polyphonic keyboard, co-founder of Emu Systems, creator of classic instruments like the Emulator, Drumulator, SP-12, SP-1200, and so much more. And his new company, Rossum Electro-Music, is proof that he's far from finished.