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PlayScore 2 is an application that allows users to use their mobile device or tablet’s built-in camera to capture sheet music, enhancing the musician's experience with a particular piece of sheet music by opening opportunities for engagement with the arrangement.
For the first time in over two years, the NAMM Show is returning June 3-5 in Anaheim, California. Over the course of these three days, the industry crossroads will convene to network and renew business relationships, partake in professional education sessions, and launch and discover new products.
The NAMM TEC Committee is honored to present the 37th Annual TEC Awards on June 4 at The 2022 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.
Women of NAMM (WON) returns to The 2022 NAMM Show and recognizes six recipients with an annual NAMM Show scholarship, an award that will help them attend their first NAMM Show.
In June, The NAMM Show will once again be the premier destination for relevant and high-value professional development programs, all hosted throughout the NAMM Show campus.
Established in 2021, the Bernice Ash Memorial Award “honors the remarkable life and legacy of Bernice Ash, a music retail visionary who spearheaded the expansion of the Sam Ash family-owned music stores, broadening inventory for the chain across multiple new categories.”
I first learned about The NAMM Show while earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology at the University of The Arts in Philadelphia.
The NAMM TEC Committee is honored to present the 37th Annual TEC Awards on June 4, at The 2022 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.
Throughout his life, Rick Wilkinson was always encouraged to build things. One could say it was in his DNA as he comes from a family of engineers, which has led to a fascination with how things work.
I am going to be honest here - being a woman in a male-dominated industry is tough. From my experience, I have been in situations where I was spoken to in inappropriate ways or not taken seriously, simply because of my gender. Astonishingly enough, I once was told to “give a guy a call” if I ever gave up my dream of trying to work in the music industry.
The NAMM Show returns June 3-5 in Anaheim, California, and will provide new and exciting opportunities for emerging industry professionals and veterans alike to connect, learn, and grow their businesses.
The Mellin sisters, Kerry, Merrily, and Wendy invented the EaZyHold to help “maintain independence through adversity.” The adaptive accessory has limitless applications to provide its users with the means to remain and gain independence to continue to play a musical instrument. The invention will make its NAMM Show debut this June in Anaheim.