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Few companies have disrupted the software synthesizer world to the extent that Cherry Audio has, with their stunningly accurate emulations of rare vintage synths and effects.
Nick Rail Music takes a unique approach to its NAMM Show experience. With stores throughout Southern California and its headquarters a two-hour commute from the Anaheim Convention Center in Santa Barbara, the retailer has an exceptional opportunity to send most of its staff to The NAMM Show. 
He's toured with the likes of Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart, and Kid Rock, and composed scores of scores for film and TV.
From his early days at San Francisco's Family Dog Ballroom through his decades with the Great American Music Hall and the California Jazz Conservatory, Lee Brenkman has racked up more than half a century of audio wisdom, and maybe a few good stories along the way.
She's played to millions of late-night living rooms as a bandleader on the Arsenio Hall Show, and scored dozens of film and TV works. Starr Parodi chats with us about a life in music.
He's built sounds for the CZ-101 and other legendary synths from Casio, Korg, Roland and more. You've heard his creations in movies, music, and more. We sat down with Drew Schesinger at Synthplex 2022 for an impromptu chat.
In October, Germany-based Duesenberg Instruments unveiled one of its latest projects, a commemorative James Bond-themed guitar, on the stage of the legendary Royal Albert Hall as part of the Sound of 007 In Concert.
Education at The 2023 NAMM Show will take a future-forward look at business, audio production, and entertainment technology while spotlighting the most vital strategies, ideas, and trends to accelerate your business. Join your peers and industry at The NAMM Show to gain valuable insights and inspiration for success, straight from leading thought-leaders and experts.
He's worked on the stage, in front of the stage, and at the side of the stage, and it's given him a unique perspective on music and live performance.
Engineer and inventor, Paul Wolff, has been at the heart of some of the most innovative companies in professional audio, including API, Tonelux, and Slate Digital. As with most visionaries, he's got strong opinions and great stories. We shot the breeze in his workshop; join us for this largely unfiltered chat.
Stephen McSwain began building guitars for his enjoyment in the early 90s. Seeking a creative outlet that incorporated his hobbies of metal work and woodworking, he combined his two passions to create a business that has become his life’s work, McSwain Guitars.
His career is a prime example of the road less traveled, with work in corporate audio, education, and live shows ranging from local street fairs to popes and presidents. We get the skinny from Steve Savanyu on doing a little bit of everything.