Resource Center Presents Milestone and Believe in Music Awards at Believe in Music Week

Elizabeth Dale

Even though the in-person global gathering, The NAMM Show, was canceled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic in January 2021, NAMM was able to bring together the music products industry for a one-of-a-kind event, Believe in Music week. Believe in Music week featured a robust marketplace, cutting-edge education, entertainment, and live music, all while providing a platform to power our industry’s recovery and support those in need.

The Milestone Awards traditionally consists of an invitation-only breakfast for honorees followed by an on-stage presentation of the Milestone Awards at the Breakfast of Champions with NAMM CEO and President Joe Lamond and Music Historian Dan Del Fiorentino. Milestone Award recipients are presented a plaque and recognized in front of their industry peers for their longstanding presence in the industry. Believe in Music week made it possible for the recognition to extend outside of the Breakfast of Champions to a global audience, all of which was free for anyone who registered for NAMM’s Believe in Music week. “We are honored to present these awards to those who make a real difference in our industry. They have demonstrated innovative thinking and the ability to adapt and possess the technology and fortitude to have great staying power,” says Del Fiorentino. Congratulations to all of those in the 2021 class of Milestone Award winners.

50 Year Milestone Award Winners
Brass Bell Music, Inc.
D.A.S. Audio S.A.
Doo Wop Shop
Eventide, Inc.
Gist Piano Center
H B Woodsongs
Lectrosonics, Inc
Leemah Electronics, Inc.
Martin Audio Ltd
McGuire Music
Melodee Music
Music Land
Nantel Musique
Shadow Elektroakustik
Southern California Sound Image Inc
Westlake Audio Inc.

75 Year Milestone Award Winners
B&C Speakers
Bronstein Music
Carvin Corp
Ellis Music Co Inc
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Ferree's Tools, Inc
Gerry's Music Shop Inc
Hendrickson Turlock Music Store
Hix Brothers Music
Linton-Milano Music
Maton Guitars
Mehas Music Stores Inc
Milano Music Center
Miraphone e.G.
Mississippi Music
Pearl Corporation
Pfabes Music
Rockley Music Co., Inc.
Saied Music Co
Swee Lee Holdings PTE LTD
Switchcraft, Inc.
Vincitore's Pianos & Organs
Wenger Corp
West Plains Music Store

100 Year Milestone Award Winners
Amro Music Stores, Inc.
Snadens Pianos
Logans Pianos

125 Year Milestone Award Winners
CTS Corporation
Fabregas Music

150 Year Milestone Award Winners
W.H. Paige & Co., Inc.


2021 Milestone Awards

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The Believe in Music Award is awarded to individuals and businesses who have made a lasting and positive impact on both the NAMM Oral History Collection and the global music products industry. NAMM is honored to recognize their contributions.

Believe in Music Award Winners
Bob Dove
Carter Schuld
Charles Kitch
Craig Anderson
Frank Mazurco
Glendower Jones
Jeanne Stiernberg
Leslie Buttonow
Linda Moran
Manuel Rodriguez Jr.
Marty Cohen
Maurice Summerfield
Michael Strickland
Nick Rail
Paul McManus
Ralph Goldheim
Robert Marsh
Roger Cox
Ron Manus
Rosemary Bailey
Scott Nelson
Tom Szerencse
Piper’s Wooloongong Music Centre

The Oral History Service Award is presented each year to an individual whose invaluable service to the growth NAMM Oral History collection.

2021 Oral History Service Award
Gerhard Meinl


2021 Believe in Music & Oral History Service Award

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Del Fiorentino states, “We are proud and grateful to those who have helped us over the years document and celebrate our industry by contributing to the NAMM Oral History project and our annual Tribute program. Because of their contributions, insight, and support, we have a collection of over 4,000 interviews which will serve as a resource and source of inspiration for years to come.”

To view NAMM’s Oral History Collection visit,