Dedicated to connecting, supporting and growing women in the music products industry
Women of NAMM
NAMM is excited and proud to announce the launch of Women of NAMM (WoN), a program dedicated to connecting, supporting and uniting women across the music, sound, and live event industries. The creation and establishment of WoN marks the official transition of the Smart Women in Music (SWIM) group as it evolves into a program within NAMM's umbrella.

What is Women of NAMM?

Women of NAMM (WoN) is a council of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) dedicated to increasing female representation in the industry. 

WoN will continue to pursue the vision, mission, and objectives set forth by SWIM for the benefit of women in the music products industry and expand to include female professionals in other NAMM member categories including the pro audio and entertainment technology segments.  

Stay tuned, the next deep dive session is coming soon

Deep Dive: A Virtual Educational Discussion Series

Our latest Deep Dive took place March 23 2023. 50+ women in the music industry people joined in the discussion to explore and bust the beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck and feeling small with special guest host, Wendy Parr.

Key takeaways include: Perfectionism is all the outside voices and not your own. It’s rooted in the narrative ‘what do others think of me?’ Fitting in is the opposite of connection & belonging. Authenticity and vulnerability are the way to true connection. Fear, nervousness and excitement all feel the same in our bodies. If you shift the language you are using in a situation, your body will respond differently. Example: Do you have a presentation coming up and you’re nervous? Change it to “I’m excited and I’m going to do great” and your body will react accordingly.

Benefits of Joining WoN include:

  • Mentorship programs
  • Exclusive educational opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to WoN-specific events at The NAMM Show
  • Being a part of a community of like-minded and accomplished women within the industry

“I think WoN is a great initiative for NAMM. One of the things I noticed when I first joined the music industry ten years ago was how few women there are in the music industry. Even when I would visit dealers or something industry related, there just wasn’t a lot of inclusion, consistently for women. I see it very different now, and I think WoN is a big part of that and is going to make it even better in the future.”

Barbara Wight

About Us - Pillars


Fosters the relationships needed to equip woman to thrive within the music products industry.

  • Network with industry peers at WoN events, held at each NAMM Show.
  • Link with other industry women through the WoN database.


Provides an inclusive community to promote each individual’s full potential and celebrate collective achievements.

  • Job shadowing and mentoring with industry leaders at trade shows and other music industry events.
  • In-company residencies with acknowledged women leaders in the industry.


Reach new heights with educational opportunities that develop and expand women’s unique talents and strengths.

  • Professional development opportunities at NAMM Shows.
  • Enroll in the annual two-day Leadership Symposium at NAMM headquarters that brings together successful women leaders, to inspire, teach, and share.
Get Involved with WoN Events
WoN Fund
The WoN Fund was created in 2018 to expand diversity, inclusion and support for women in the music products industry. The donor-driven SWIM Fund will transition to the WoN Fund and remain under the direction of The NAMM Foundation. The WoN Fund supports women in the music products industry in the development of their leadership proficiencies and aspirations.
Leadership Summit
The summit program supports women working in the music products industry and their goals to connect, support and grow their leadership and professional abilities. An annual leadership emersion experience will be offered with the applicants receiving the educational experience covered by the awarded scholarship.
The 2023 NAMM Show
Women of NAMM will gather at The 2023 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, April 13 - 15, where the industry crossroads will convene to network and renew business relationships, partake in professional education sessions and launch and discover new products.
Job Board
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WoN records a podcast, "ReVoicing the Future,” featuring female leaders from across the industry sharing their professional journeys and lessons learned to empower the professional development of emerging talent in the industry.
Inspire an aspiring woman in the music products industry by giving the gift of opportunity. Donate to the WoN Fund, or several other NAMM Foundation-managed funds today.
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